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Fabricio Monte & Luciano Santos, elite Brazilian academy coaches with over 25 years' combined experience working at Santos FC, proudly present The Brazilian Way, a groundbreaking whitepaper, video series, technical program, and tactical module that reveals the way Brazilian talent is actually developed — and how players and parents in the English-speaking world can apply these principles at home and out on the field.

The Creators

Luciano Santos (Santos FC 2011-2019)

Luciano Santos & Fabricio Monte are two of Brazil’s top talent developers, boasting over two decades of combined experience coaching in Santos FC’s youth academy – a superstar factory that has produced the likes of Pele, Neymar, Robinho, and many of the latest samba starlets. With decades of soccer and futsal expertise in one of the world’s most competitive talent hotspots, Luciano and Fabricio’s recent graduates include Rodrygo (Real Madrid), Emerson (Chelsea), Giovanni Manson (Ajax), Gabriel Barbosa (Flamengo), Yuri Alberto (Internacional), and 2019 FIFA U-17 World Cup winner Kaio Jorge (Santos FC).

Fabricio Monte (Santos FC 2003-Present)


Fabricio & Luciano's former players currently represent:

Parent & Player

The lack of knowledge on the part of both parents and players on what a "perfect storm" of player development actually looks like is one of the main obstacles that stands in the way of breakout performances, representative honors, and eventually college & professional offers. Fabricio Monte and Luciano Santos will help you finally connect all the pieces of this complex jigsaw together.

80-page Whitepaper

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3 Mini-documentaries

The Brazilian Way‘s mini-documentary series chronicles Brazilian player development firsthand. Featuring three inspiring stories from the colorful coastal cities of Santos, Rio de Janeiro, and Salvador, these unique mini-documentaries together shine a light on the environments, experiences, and mentalities that give birth to each generation’s samba stars. Come discover three incredible stories – Marcos’ dream to help the marginalized players of a Salvador favela, the unbreakable bond between young Julio and his father on the beaches of Santos, and a hidden dirt pitch deep in the heart of a Rio de Janeiro forest that spans three generations.

Technical Program

With the whitepaper shattering many illusions on what optimal player development really looks like, it's time to tackle the technical piece of the jigsaw head-on with a curriculum that includes both a purely technical component, and a technical-cognitive component. Both aspects are essential in order to produce elite players who can make an impact in the game of the future. Contrary to popular belief, the elusive cognitive aspect can be developed outside of team training environments, while the technical aspect can be accelerated without having to spend money year-after-year on substandard private trainers and underwhelming online subscriptions!

85 Samba Street Skills

Want your player to develop that elusive quality of flair? To succeed in the future game, players in all positions will be expected to dominate the ball and outplay their immediate opponents. The Samba Street Skills curriculum provides all the tools to achieve this. Turbocharge your child’s home practice today with lifetime access to our 85-video curriculum, the same one used by Brazil’s top junior and youth players. Filmed on urban street soccer courts in super slo-mo, these exciting 1v1 tricks and turns will expand the technical hard-drive of your player like nothing before. The curriculum is also accompanied by a Bonus resource that features 13 cognitive 1v1, 1v2, and 2v2 dribbling games designed to develop spatial awareness and decision-making. These exciting games provide the ideal platform for players to insert the 85 Samba Street Skills into real game situations. See the Bonus section below for more information.


20 Beyond Juggling Games

Fabricio Monte and Luciano Santos have taken the much-loved Brazilian hobby of pair juggling – a pastime as Brazilian as samba and soccer itself – and supercharged it with the technical variety and cognitive complexity needed to develop players for the future game. Welcome to Beyond Juggling, where players develop technique alongside spatial awareness, decision-making, anticipation, reaction speed, coordination, and mental endurance – all while having a blast! In these 20 challenging pair games, both players must show a high degree of technical skill while carrying out a variety of cognitively demanding tasks. Developed in collaboration with Belgian UEFA Pro License coach Michel Bruyninckx – a global authority on cognitive soccer training and former consultant to Real Madrid, AC Milan, and the Belgian Federation – Beyond Juggling turns juggling into an addictive game to enjoy for hours on end with family and friends.

Tactical Module

To tally the goals, assists, dribbles, key passes, tackles, and interceptions that are needed to reach higher honors, mastery of the ball is not enough - players must master the game itself. The reality is that the majority of players in North America lack access to coaches with world-class tactical expertise. Fabricio and Luciano are on a mission to democratize this access and give all players an opportunity to be the first name on the team sheet, produce MVP performances, and propel themselves to the highest levels of the game.

100-question Tactical Exam

To succeed in the future game, players will have to be more tactically astute than ever before. They will have less space, less time, and will have to identify and assess a full range of attacking and defensive solutions prior to the arrival of the ball. Through the Tactical Principles exam, you can benchmark and then elevate your child’s tactical understanding with 100 questions personally prepared by Fabricio and Luciano, two of Brazil’s top academy coaches. Key principles from all four phases of the game – attacking, defending, attacking transition, and defensive transition – are examined and explained, alongside over 100 video examples from professional games. Transform your child’s soccer IQ and game intelligence today, no matter their age or their playing level. Players can also track their progress by retaking the exam an unlimited amount of times.

Game Film Masterclass

The last few years have seen an explosion in both the quantity and quality of junior and youth game filming, partly thanks to groundbreaking new technologies like Veo and Soloshot that parents and clubs alike have invested in. With this goldmine of footage now available, a unique opportunity exists for you and your child to begin engaging in “DIY” self-analysis – in other words, reviewing your own game footage at home in order to improve performance. In our Game Film Masterclass, you will learn how to analyze your own performance objectively, using 13 advanced metrics and statistics normally reserved for youngsters inside the four walls of professional academies. Through real game footage examples from both youth and professional teams, you will learn how to compile and track all key performance indicators, including position-specific metrics. In addition to this, you will receive tips on how to structure highlight videos for scouts and recruiters to maximize your chances of attracting offers. Even if you haven’t started filming games yet, this is a unique educational opportunity not to be missed!


1 Highlight Reel Analysis

Do you create highlight videos of your player using their game footage, or plan to in the future? Are you planning on making special highlight videos of your player to help market them to club and/or college coaches and recruiters? We are currently offering an exclusive deal that gives parents who purchase The Brazilian Way FREE personalized feedback on their child’s highlights video, no matter their age and ability. In this written analysis, you’ll receive feedback on your filming, editing, inclusion of position-specific traits, and tactical concepts.

8 Character Trait Posters

The Character Through Soccer: Poster Mega Pack consists of 8 inspiring character trait posters for soccer-mad youngsters. 148 spine-tingling quotes from the game’s stars on leadership, humility, self-discipline, passion, self-belief, ambition, work-ethic, and gratitude are ready and waiting to impact your child. Simply download, print, and frame! From North American stars to the cream of Europe, South America, and Africa, your player will feel a rush of inspiration every time they look at their wall. Digital copy only. Includes A4 & A3 sizes.

13 Cognitive Dribbling Games

Designed as a companion resource to the Samba Street Skills 100-move curriculum, these 13 cognitive 1v1, 1v2, and 2v2 mini-games enable players to apply the skills they are learning in real game situations against family and friends. An integral part of the upbringings of Brazil’s most decorated players, these addictive games feature unconventional, multi-goal arrangements specifically designed to develop vision and decision-making – while providing the situational repetition needed to truly master tricks, feints, and turns.

Stand on the Shoulders of


Total Value — $1659

Total Value

Fabricio Monte and Luciano Santos have together developed some of Brazil’s brightest talents. Now, they stand ready to help you and your child. Whether the goal is getting more game-time, having a breakout season, achieving top individual honors, getting recruited for college, or even joining the professional ranks, this is a unique opportunity for your player to develop under the guidance of two of South America’s leading academy coaches. Created for parents and players of all ages and backgrounds, The Brazilian Way gives you all the tools you need to build a skyscraper of soccer talent.

The Brazilian Way

A Player Development Masterclass
$ 679 One payment only
  • Samba Street Skills: 85-video home curriculum
  • Beyond Juggling: 20 cognitive juggling games
  • Tactical Principles: 100-question player exam
  • Game Film Masterclass: Learning self-analysis
  • Whitepaper: 80 pages of world-class guidance
  • Myths & truths about technical development
  • Explanations and videos of tactical concepts
  • Common denominators of elite youngsters
  • How to develop vision and decision-making
  • Traits to look for in a prospective club/coach
  • Building home soccer culture and passion
  • Player psychology and key character traits
  • Best practice parenting for player success
  • 3 mini-docos on Brazilian player development
  • BONUS 13 mini-games to develop soccer IQ
  • BONUS 8 Character Through Soccer posters
  • BONUS 1 Analysis of your player's highlights
  • Lifetime License — no monthly or yearly fees