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The Character Through Soccer: Poster Mega Pack consists of 8 inspiring character trait posters for youth and college soccer players. 147 spine-tingling quotes from the game’s brightest stars on leadership, work-ethic, self-discipline, gratitude, self-belief, ambition, humility, and passion are ready and waiting to impact your child, no matter their age or ability. Simply download, print, and frame! From North America’s male and female stars to the elite of Europe, South America, and Africa, your player will feel a rush of inspiration every time they look at their wall. Given the challenging events of 2020 and the uncertainty that lies ahead, our players need these positive messages now more than ever!

147 Memorable Quotes

From 81 players and coaches, representing over 20 different countries!

8 Inspiring Posters

Gain peace of mind by strengthening your player for their journey ahead

Digital product only. After printing, simply laminate or frame! Suitable for all ages. Pack includes A4, A3, desktop wallpaper, and dark/light color versions.

Why Character?

No matter if the goal is college, professional, or something in-between, every child's soccer journey will involve multiple challenges - poor performances, demoralizing losses, playing in unfamiliar positions, reduced playing time, being overlooked for awards and selection teams, loss of confidence, off-field distractions, inconsistent motivation, performance anxiety, injuries, a lack of interest in home practice, and criticism from coaches, teammates, and opponents. The good news is that professional players have already emerged triumphant from a maze of similar obstacles. The reason? The strength of their character. Now, through the Character Through Soccer: Poster Mega Pack, your superstar can bring this strength into their own life.

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Character Traits
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The Character Through Soccer: Poster Mega Pack will help future-proof your player for the winding soccer road ahead, one that will be inevitably filled with bumps, obstacles, and surprises. Make sure that the Ambulance is at the top of the cliff, rather than at the bottom, by strengthening their mindset today! Normally available for $19.99 each when sold individually, purchase the Character Through Soccer: Poster Mega Pack now and you'll get 8 posters for the price of 7. Got more than one soccer-loving child? No problem at all! The Poster Mega Pack license covers your entire family.

Character Through Soccer

8-Poster Mega Pack. Just print & frame!
$ 139
  • Passion
  • Humility
  • Ambition
  • Gratitude
  • Self-belief
  • Work-ethic
  • Leadership
  • Self-discipline