Player Consultancy

Note: This is an Advanced level game.

This game begins with each player holding a cone. The first time they receive the ball, they have to drop their cone on the ground. The next time they receive the ball, they have to pick the cone up. The process then continues until someone makes a mistake.

A player loses the rally when they either make a technical error (a bad touch, or a bad volley that is inaccurate or difficult to control for their partner) or a cognitive error (they use the wrong number of touches, or they fail to successfully pick up or drop their cone).

In the demonstration video below, each player is shown to take 4 touches (including the volley that is transferred to the other player). To make the game more difficult, players can play with 2 or 3 touches. This will give them less time to think.

If this game is too difficult, allow a maximum of one bounce on the ground each time you get the ball.

If this game is too easy, you can:

  • Increase the physical distance between you and your partner
  • Play with your weak foot only
  • Play in a group of 3 or more
  • Play with a Size 1 mini-ball or a tennis ball
  • Play with bare feet
  • Allow volleys that are more difficult to control – e.g. more power, spin, flatter balls, and/or balls hit higher in the air